The Gonstead Difference Series Gonstead chiropractic and reinforce your image as a Gonstead chiropractor. These quality brochures are written by a Gonstead doctor for Gonstead doctors who desire to educate their patients specifically about Gonstead chiropractic.


Each title comes in packs of 50 brochures for $25. Purchase the entire series for the discounted price of $135.

Do your current patient brochures describe what is unique about Gonstead chiropractic? The principles and philosophy given to us by Dr. Gonstead, D.D. and B.J. Palmer are represented in an easy to read format. Each is packed with contemporary, vibrant full-color photographs and illustrations, scientifically referenced, and printed on high-quality paper. Make sure that your information-hungry patients are receiving accurate and complete information that they can take with them and use to refer other patients.


This essential brochure gives a brief history of the Gonstead system and details the thorough Gonstead analysis and specific Gonstead adjustment.


This scientifically based brochure details how vertabral subluxations occur, how they affect the body, and how Gonstead chiropractic addresses subluxations.


The only brochure on the market that describes all the major premesis of chiropractic philosophy including Universal and Innate Intelligence, treating causes not symptoms, and B.J.'s "Big Idea."


This brochure describes the integral role the intervertabral disc plays in subluxation as described by Dr Gonstead and is well referenced with current research. It also describes how Gonstead chiropractic specifically helps disc problems.


This brochure provides some fascinating research results regarding pregnant mothers benefiting from chiropractic. It also explains the way Gonstead chiropractic specifically addresses the structural problems associated with pregnancy.




Let your patients know that all infants should be checked for subluxation. Reassure them of the gentleness, safety and specificity of Gonstead chiropractic.

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