The "No Excuses" Series

After hundreds of interviews with chiropractic patients as to why some friends and family members were resistant to seeking chiropractic care, there were always three misconceptions. Each brochure details the myths and then accurately and scientifically presents the real story.


ARE CHIROPRACTORS QUACKS? This brochures deals with the chiropractic skeptic and dispells myths and untruths such as,  "Chiropractors are quacks!"

"I don't believe in chiropractic"

"Chiropractic is not a real science like medicine."


WHY YOU SHOULD SEE A CHIROPRACTOR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE This brochure addresses ignorance of the chiropractic process.

"Once you start, you have to go the rest of your life"

"If I can't fix my problem right away, then forget about it"

"I won't be able to afford it"



This brochure was designed for the person who is afraid of chiropractic.

"I don't want my neck cracked!"

"Chiropractic can be harmful, causing strokes or paralysis"

"My doctor said they chiropractors will hurt me!"


Each pack contains 50 brochures for $18. Buy the series for the discounted price of $45.

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