Educate Your Patients

Our products assist you in educating your patients about chiropractic through the lens of the Gonstead technique. Orders ship out as soon as the next business day with Priority Mail shipping.

  • The Gonstead System

    This essential brochure gives a brief history of the Gonstead system and details the thorough Gonstead analysis and specific Gonstead adjustment. (Sold in packs of 50)

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  • Sublaxation

    This scientifically based brochure details how vertebral subluxations occur, how they affect the body, and how Gonstead chiropractic addresses subluxations. (Sold in packs of 50)

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  • The Big Idea

    The only brochure on the market that describes all the major premises of chiropractic philosophy including Universal and Innate Intelligence, treating causes not symptoms, and B.J.'s "Big Idea." (Sold in packs of 50)

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